Live from Weiser album on 45 (7 inch vinyl) or extended version on CD

extended version on CD

Fly Around (2020 Debut)

Don Says: “Hey, the Bluegrass/Rock/etc. album I produced, performed and wrote some stuff on, did art direction for, and spent 7 years working on is out now, at least digitally. While you’re waiting for the awesome 12” vinyl lp version w the badass 12 page art/lyric booklet (which might be a while), I would suggest grabbing a digital copy to tide you over. It’s pretty cool, iffen I do say so myself, and I do. It’s a concept album (what a concept!), so no shuffling the songs around in the iTunes! It’s kinda meant to be listened to as an entire thing, in sequence, at least once. The album features some super traditional Bluegrass / Old Time sounds, along with some other elements - rock, psychedelia, pop, punk, and even a semi ambient synth & SFX interlude - that definitely push some boundaries, to say the least. It seems to work, tho, despite - or maybe because of - all the seemingly disparate styles and influences. Besides the Water Tower band (led by amazing musical prodigy Kenny Feinstein), there is quite an interesting array of musicians, singers, and others that have contributed to this project, including Ariel Pink, Willie Watson, Shags Chamberlain, artist Josey Stephen Cary, engineer extraordinaire Juliette Amoroso, and even OG Black Flag singer Ron Reyes! This ain’t your Grandpa’s Bluegrass - well, it is, in a way, but really it’s totally its own unique thing, as you will probably notice when you listen to it. Hope you dig it as much as we do!" -Don Bolles

Press for the record:

Live From LA

Live from Los Angeles was recorded at Palomino Studios in LA. It was done in one day.


The band had spent two months on the road, and came in after a long overnight drive to record this the day after tour, so they could keep the fresh energy of the road in the music.


On the way to the studio Tommy’s car broke down.


Then when the band arrived to the studio they found that the stand up bass had fallen apart.


Finally starting the recording four hours late, the time crunch can be felt in these tracks.


A raw energy was captured that day.


All of these tracks are either the first or second take, but mostly the first take. They only did two of each.


This album will not be released to streaming services other than Soundcloud except for a total of three tracks: “Take Me Back”, “AMPM” and “River Song” have all been released to all platforms.

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